We are a small family owned operation located in Fairland, OK. We have  a small band of mares and two stallions. One has yet to be proven, he is just a 2 year old this year. But he will be ready next year. On the following pages you will meet our extended family. Both the human kind as well as the equine and canine. You will also find several pictures of our Olde English Bulldogges. So have a look around. And thanks for stopping by!
This is Breezes Lil Coyote- He is a perlino stallion and has produced 3 foal crops thus far. His babies are big, stout and well boned. They have nice personalities and are easy to train and play with.. His pedigree is available at www.allbreedpedigrees.com/breezes+lil+coyote
Jessica Soxy Chex
Albinos Ebony Drift
Pockets Spiced Cocoa
Spices Sugar Bars
Poco Skips A Blumoon
Pep N Doc Rowdy
Pocos Rowdy Harley
Buddy by Rowdy
Donna Gaye & Annabelle Gaye
Donna Gaye & Annabelle Gaye
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